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WIR/Frozen: Hot Chocolate
"Eh, I'll pass," Ralph said, waving away the steaming mug Elsa was currently holding out to him.
"Ralph, you've never even tried it before."
"Yeah, but hot chocolate?" He made a face. "What part of that is supposed to sound appetizing?"
She smirked, bringing her free hand to her hip. "Ralph..."
"I mean, I only just started warming up to the idea of chocolate," He began, silently praying Elsa wouldn't pick up on his accidental pun. "And now you've gone and made it hot!"
"I didn't invent the drink, you know," She said, placing the mug down so she could sit beside him. "It's a classic treat for keeping warm during winter."
"Since when do you care about keeping warm?"
She glared at him, as lightly as possible. Ralph was known for starting little spats to get out of something.
"Just because the cold doesn't bother me, doesn't mean I don't like my share of warmth," Elsa pointed out. "I like sunbathing in the summer, relaxing by a campfire, warm bubble baths..." She made a quick
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WIR/Frozen: Sniffles
"Elsa?" Ralph knocked on the bedroom door in front of him.
Patience wasn't one of Ralph's best features, but he tried his best, rocking back and forth on his large feet. While he waited, one of the castle servants passed by. She smiled at him, which he returned with a respectable nod. The woman looked as though she wanted to say something, but advised against it and continued down the hall with her basket of laundry.
Ralph brushed it off and returned his attention to the door. "Elsa?" He knocked a little more forcefully this time, despite his best efforts. "Come on, I know you're in there."
"I'm sorry, Ralph," Came Elsa's quiet reply, after a moment. "I can't go out with you tonight."
"Elsa?" He asked, leaning his ear against the wood of the door. "Hello?"
"I've got a-ACHOO!"
"What was that?" Ralph questioned, annoyance creeping into his voice. "I can't hear you. Probably from this door in the way."
"I have a cold!" Elsa managed a little louder.
"A cold, really?" Ralph sm
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WIR/Frozen: Forbidden
"Hello, sorry about the wait. I was-" Elsa paused as she approached her boyfriend who had been waiting for her outside. "What are you doing?"
"Get out, get out!" She shouted in a loud whisper.
"Whoa, what's the big deal?"
"The big deal is that's Kristoff's sled," She explained, as she tugged on Ralph's large arm. "He doesn't let anyone in his sled."
Ralph laughed at Elsa's failed attempts to try to pull him from the sled. "Why not?"
Elsa sighed, her bangs flying up in the process. "It's kind of a long story, but I think it has something to do with the fact that Anna, more or less, caused his last sled to fall off a cliff...and burst into flames."
Ralph whistled. "And I thought I was a wrecker."
"Which is why you must. get. out!" Elsa said, pulling on his arm harder with every syllable.
"Hang on a minute," Ralph brushed the queen aside, causing her frown. "So if Anna wrecked Kristoff's last ride, then where did this come from?"
"Well, I had to buy him a new one." E
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WIR/Frozen: Jealous
"Who's that guy?"
Ralph followed his friend's gaze for a moment, then shrugged. "Oh, that's just Hans."
"The one flirting with your girlfriend?"
Ralph's eyes shot up at that, taking in the scene before him a little more clearly. He hadn't noticed it was Elsa before, as all he could see was the back of her head. He waved it off. "They're just talking."
"No, Ralph, we're just talking. He-" Vanellope stopped for a moment, watching as Hans started to tenderly stroke his hand up and down Elsa's arm. "-is flirting."
The wrecker found himself staring for a moment longer, then forcefully tore his eyes away, shrugging it off again. "That's just how Hans is." He started, his sentence getting faster and slower, depending on the speed of Hans' arm strokes. "Elsa says he's very...friendly."
Vanellope chuckled. "Gee, Ralph, I never took you as the jealous type."
"Jealous?" Ralph scoffed. "What makes you think I'm jealous?"
She smirked, her eyes traveling downward to their table. Or, at
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WIR/Frozen: Bath
"Is this really necessary?" Ralph asked, as a palace servant began to scrub soap into his hair.
"I'm sorry," Elsa apologized. "But we have been getting complaints."
He frowned. "About my stench?"
The queen gave a small shrug.
"From who?"
"Probably Hans," Elsa said, crossing her arms across her chest. "That man's been an icicle in my side ever since our game was plugged in."
The room was quiet for a moment, save for the loud splashing and scrubbing as the servant woman continued to wash Ralph.
"..Do you think I smell?"
Elsa's eyes went wide. "N-no, of course not!"
He made a face. "I spend my weekdays falling into multiple piles of mud and live in a shack made from old bricks."
"Okay, so you smell a little different than most people."
"I smell a lot different."
"But don't think of this as a bad thing." Elsa sat beside the tub, placing her arms flat on the rim, and resting her head on her folded hands. "Baths can be nice."
At that moment, a large bucket of water was dumped o
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WIR/Frozen: Dinner
Tamora was never fond of meeting new people, but she didn't like to disappoint her friends, either. Which is why on this particular Saturday evening, instead of sticking around Hero's Duty to patrol any runaway cybugs, or spending the night at Felix's house, the sergeant found herself having dinner with a royal family.
She glanced across the table where Ralph and his new girlfriend, Elsa, were sitting, watching them play with each other's food, rather than eating it. Despite the very obvious cuteness they were displaying, Tamora couldn't help but smile as she continued to eat the very elegant meal in front of her.
"Aren't they adorable?" The woman to her right leaned forward, a wide grin on her face. Having already been introduced to everyone before they started eating, Tamora already knew this was Anna, Elsa's little sister.
"Hmm?" She mumbled, her mouth currently full of spaghetti.
"Elsa and Ralph," The princess continued. "I saw you smiling at them." She sighed, resting her chin in
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WIR/Frozen: Kiss
"Hey, Felix!" Vanellope waved to the handyman from across the bar.
He smiled and made his way over. "Hello, princess. What are you up to?"
"Nothing much," She said, munching on a peanut.
Felix glanced around. "Are you here alone?" He felt a little nervous about the idea that Ralph would let Vanellope visit Tapper's on her own.
"No," She shook her head, mouth currently full of peanut. "I came with Ralphie and Elsa. They're right over there."
Felix followed her nod gesture, and turned around to find Elsa and Ralph lip-locking in far booth. He smiled for a moment till he noticed just how locked they actually were. Their lips were literally stuck together by a thin form of ice!
"Oh my land!" Felix cried. "Are they alright?"
Vanellope shrugged. "They've got nose holes, don't they?"
"How long have they been like that?"
She shrugged again, twirling the straw in her root beer glass. "Couple hours, maybe?"
He pulled out his gold hammer. "I should go fix that."
"I wouldn't worry about it," Vanel
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WIR/Frozen: Chocolate
"Would you like some chocolate, Ralph?"
Ralph stared down at the plate of fancy desserts Elsa's younger sister, Anna, had just placed before him.
He felt his throat close up. "N-no, thank you. No chocolate for me."
"What's the matter?" Kristoff joked. "Trying to watch your weight?"
Anna elbowed her boyfriend in the gut.
"Heh, no, it's not that. I just..." Ralph trailed off.
"Ralph doesn't like chocolate," Elsa answered for him.
A strange silence filled the room.
Anna was the first to speak up. "..Really?"
"That's a little odd."
"It isn't that strange," Elsa replied, flashing an icy glare at Kristoff.
"Why don't you like chocolate?" Anna asked, resting her elbows on the table and her chin in her hands. She was genuinely curious, since she thought about the treat almost as much as she thought about her boyfriend.
"Gee, I don't know," Ralph rubbed the back of this neck. "I just...don't."
"Oh, well that explains everything," Kristoff rolled his eyes, receiving another jab from his g
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WIR/Frozen: Snow
"What's your game like?"
Elsa stared longingly into the eyes of the man who was currently resting his head in her lap, gazing up at the pixelated stars of his game. She considered his question for a moment.
It wasn't that she was afraid to show Ralph her game, but after the couple would spend a night together at Tapper's, or watch a few races over at Sugar Rush, the two just found it easier to head over to Fix-It Felix Jr. Since her game was a new addition, it was far down the hall of Game Central Station, while Ralph's game was in the middle of everything.
Besides, Elsa really liked Ralph's game. It was a lot warmer than her's. And though the cold didn't really bother her, she was still human, and she enjoyed the comfort she felt there.
But perhaps that had more to do with the guy she was with, rather than the temperature of the game.
"Winter," She finally answered, running her fingers through his surprisingly soft hair. "All the time."
Elsa's hand froze at his words.
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WIR/Frozen: Icebreaker
"I can't do this."
"You're overreacting."
"No, overreacting would be saying, 'I'll die if I do this'." Ralph considered that for a moment. "You know what, yeah. That's actually true. I will die if you make me do this."
Elsa scoffed. "Stop being such a drama queen."
"Very funny."
"Come on, Ralph," Elsa started, leaning closer to the 9-foot tall man. "My dear, sweet, darling Ralph..."
Ralph found himself gazing into her eyes, which always had a sure way of him giving in. He quickly blinked and turned his head. "Nope, no no. Don't do that."
"Please come and visit my family." Elsa gently begged, holding one of his hands in both of her own. Her delicate fingers looking so fragile next to his.
Ralph continued to shake his head. "Nope, it's not gonna work. Not this time."
Elsa rubbed her fingers across the back of his hand. It sent a chill up his body, but it had nothing to do with the fact that her touch was cool.
"For me?" She batted her eyelashes.
Ralph shouldn't have looked.
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WIR/Frozen: Love At First Freeze
"I'm telling you guys," Felix insisted, looking over the table at Vanellope and his wife. "He's smitten!"
The two girls laughed again, choking on their root beer.
"There is no way Ralphie's in love," Vanellope sneered the idea.
"I have to agree with Shorty here," Tamora nodded. "Ralph's just...not the type."
"So you're calling me a liar..." Felix pouted, crossing his arms.
"No, we're not calling you a liar," Tamora said, reaching over to pull her husband onto her lap.
Vanellope rolled her eyes.
"We're just saying," She started, messing with his cap, causing Felix to blush, despite himself. "Maybe you misheard."
"I didn't mishear anything!" Felix exclaimed. "I saw it! With my own two eyes!"
"Well then maybe you mis-saw," Vanellope suggested, twirling her finger in her drink.
"I did not mis-see anything," He insisted, hopping out of Tamora's lap. "I know what I saw. And I can prove it!"
"Oh boy, here we go," Vanellope drawled, dramatically sprawling acr
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WIR: I Don't (Chapter 5)
It was early morning when the guest she'd been waiting for all night had finally arrived. She sat up on the couch and rubbed her eyes, not even pretending to care that he had entered her house without knocking.
"Morning, Felix," She said, acting as though she had just woke up, when in reality she barely slept at all.
He didn't speak. It was obvious he had just spent a good amount of time crying, judging by his slightly red eyes. Either that or he hadn't blinked for a long while.
He looked over at the ring, which thanks to the height of the table was in perfect line of his sight. She wasn't sure if Ralph had done that purposely or not.
Felix reached for the ring and flipped it between his gloved fingers, his voice still silent. Calhoun was starting to get nervous. She had never seen Felix go this long without talking. Or smiling, for that matter.
She hadn't even seen his smile since before she practically turned down his proposal days ago. She hadn't realized how much she had missed it
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"And this happens every month?"
Hiccup's face went red. "I-well...see, when..."
Fishlegs raised an eyebrow at his friend.
"Look, I'm not here to give you unneeded details," He finally said. "I'm just here to give you an idea as to why Ruffnut might have kicked you out of her house yesterday, by throwing an axe at your head."
"Right," Fish nodded, then paused. "So, is it possible this can happen multiple times a month?"
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WIR: I Don't (Chapter 4)
"Good job, everyone!" Calhoun announced. Every night after Litwak closed the arcade, Calhoun made a new habit of keeping all her soldiers around at least a half hour longer, to make sure all the bugs were truly dead and gone.
Some of the recruits would often complain, but after the Sugar Rush fiasco several months ago, even they knew it was better to be safe than sorry.
As she was putting one of her guns away in the nearest black bin, Kohut came over and patted her on the back. "Great day today, sarge."
She managed a smile. Normally she wasn't comfortable with touching of any kind, especially from her cadets, but ever since she had started dating Felix, she eased up a bit. She was still as tough as nails, especially during game play, but there was no denying she softened when the 8-bit man came into her life.
"You weren't so bad yourself, Kohut," She replied, straightening up to give him a proper nod of approval.
"Some of the guys and I were heading off to Tapper's," He said, jerking a
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WIR: I Don't (Chapter 3)
"So, what's the story?" Vanellope asked, chewing on the end of her straw.
Ralph sighed. It had been a long day. Due to his mind being elsewhere, he just wasn't in the game today, as it were. At least two dozen kids had played their game today and at least two dozen had made it to levels way beyond their actual range, since Ralph often found himself mulling over his current predicament instead of bulldozing down bricks like he was supposed to.
Having noticed his stranger behavior early on, Felix had planned on asking him what was going on as soon as the arcade closed, but having planned an escape route for the past several hours, Ralph managed to quickly shoot out of there and head right for Tapper's.
"While I was here last night," He started, rolling his root beer glass between his hands. "Calhoun came over to me..." He stopped. "Well, she was...a little, I guess you could say, er...under the influence."
"You mean drunk?"
Ralph blinked.
"Oh, please, Ralph!" Vanellope laughed. "Y
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WIR: I Don't (Chapter 2)
Ralph frantically walked through Game Central Station, both heading for, and trying to avoid his game. The arcade would be opening soon, so he didn't really have a choice, but he still couldn't help considering playing hooky from work today.
No. She said no! How could she say no? Ralph considered heading to Hero's Duty just to make sure he had heard her correctly. She ought to have sobered up by now. Or at least, he'd hope so, seeing how she had to be up and ready to start destroying cy-bugs any minute now.
When he was halfway to the game's entrance, however, he stalled. No. There was a reason why Calhoun was at Tapper's last night. There was a reason she had gotten herself so drunk she could barely stand upright. She had planned on seeing Felix and giving him the news. That's why she was so eager to catch Ralph before he could leave. Of course it would be easier to tell him rather than Felix.
But why? Ralph wondered, returning back to his game. As far as he
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I hate to make a vent post like this, but seeing how every time I search the #cedfia tag on Tumblr, all I see is hate now, I feel I need to speak up.

Listen carefully: No one is telling you to ship it. No one is telling you to SEARCH it. And the fact that you are dedicating your lives to trying to make us fans seem like what we're shipping is wrong is so unbelievably sad. Seriously. Find a new way to spend your time.

Besides, who's to even say there ARE bad ships? We live in a world now, where people ship whoever the hell they want. One of the most common ships are when people ship canon-ly straight guys together. THERE ARE NO RULES IN SHIPPING. There's even incest ships. As we learn early on in life, incest is wrong, but in shipping anything goes. So, yes, pedophilia is just as wrong, but (and I can never stress this enough): ANYTHING GOES IN SHIPPING.

Now to be perfectly honest, I don't rather care for most ships like those, but here's the fun difference with me: I DON'T TAKE THE TIME TO BRING DOWN THOSE PEOPLE'S SHIPS. If they wanna ship it, more power to them. If I don't like it, I just ignore it. Simple as that.

Personally - and most Cedfia fans would be on my side, if you would just listen before hating - I only ship Cedric and Sofia ROMANTICALLY with an older Sofia. Them at their canon ages are just adorable besties to me. Unfortunately, I've seen haters bring this down, as well. Though I should point out the fact that Sofia is from a time when age didn't really matter. So when Sofia does reach the age of maturity, the fact that Cedric would be well into his 40's (maybe close to his 50's) really doesn't say anything. That's just how it was back then. But then, I ship Rumbelle (Rumpelstiltskin/Belle) on Once Upon a Time, so anything you say about age difference kinda goes out the window with me.

Anyways, I'm starting to lose the motivation I had when I started this post, so I'm just gonna stop now. There's probably no hope that those who I'm speaking of will even see this post, but it just feels good to get it off my chest.


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Hi there! I assume you have come here for one of the following reasons:

1. You know me from Fanfiction, found this link on my profile, and wanted to check it out.
2. You saw my Lewis icon and were hoping to find some Meet the Robinsons fanart by me [sorry].
3. You've actually read/liked some of my stories/posters and wanted to see more.

In any case, welcome. As you can see, I'm no artist. I originally just joined this site to comment on someone's fanart I saw, then I saw some other fanart's I really liked and I was hooked.

I try my best to update my profile, in my own way, by adding fanfic's and motivational posters, since that's about as far as my creativity goes, lol.

My current obsessions are Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Wreck-it Ralph, Hey Arnold, Frozen, How to Train Your Dragon, Toy Story 3, Zootopia, and Sofia the First, so that's usually the kind of stuff I look for on this site. And I do solemnly swear that if I like or favorite a drawing/story, I will leave a comment on it.

Thanks for listening. :]


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